Personal Training


Massage . Treatment . Pilates . Nutrition

All in a single one hour session

in our private studio


If you have suffered from back pain or are currently undergoing treatment, you already know how debilitating it can be. Light exercise and stretching is one of the best ways of reducing the risk of a relapse. With a stronger core and greater flexibility comes better posture and a more stable spine. We will help guide you through a training programme specific to you to ensure the exercises are appropriate and benefit you the most.

Exercise Plans

To support you between sessions, you will be provided with an individual exercise plan which can be accessed through an online portal on any computer or mobile device. The plans will be specific you and help to keep you motivated in between sessions. Each exercise in has a video attached and written instructions to help remind you how to perform each exercise correctly.

Beginning your fitness journey

Gyms can be daunting places, especially when you are just starting out. Our personal training studio is the perfect place to bridge that gap. You will be exercising and learning in complete privacy. You will be taught to perform exercises safely and with proper form. After a few sessions you will not only be stronger but much more confident. 


Personal Training Plus is an all inclusive service. Not only your exercise plan is tailored to you, but every minute of your one hour session. You have access to all of my training and expertise. These include Personal Training, Treatment, Massage, Pilates and Nutritional Advice. Picked up an injury? We allocate more time for treatment. Have a sporting event coming up and need to up the intensity of your workouts, let’s do it. These are only 2 examples of how PT+ can be as fluid and adaptive to you and your needs. Never waist a session again.  

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