Initial Consultation and Sports Injury and Back Pain Treatment

Your first appointment will last up to one hour depending on the complexity of your condition. We will go through a series of test to establish the cause of your symptoms and decide on your treatment plan.


40 minutes

A 30-minute massage allows time for either an upper or lower body treatment, perfect if you have a specific area you would like to be focused on. The style of massage will be decided by you and can include remedial, sports, Swedish or S.W.A.T massage. Other techniques that may be used as part of your treatment are soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques. Don’t worry if you are unsure what type of massage is best for you as this will be discussed at the start of your treatment.


40 Minutes

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a natural way of helping your face to look younger. Unlike chemical treatments that simply tighten your skin and cover the sign of ageing, facial acupuncture actually makes your skin healthier. Your treatment will last one hour.


Sports injury and back pain Treatment (up to 20 mins)

Following on from your consultation and assessment, your subsequent treatments can include a combination of manipulation, massage, acupuncture or Chinese cupping. The type of treatment you are given will be discussed with you and may evolve depending on your feedback and as your symptoms subside.


60 minutes

During a 60 minute massage there is time for a full body treatment or to give more attention to a specific area or problems that you are having. As with the 30 minute treatment the style of massage will be decided by you.


Personal Training

Fettle Fitness offers personal training for all fitness levels and experience. Your PT sessions will take place in our very own personal training studio. In our studio you will find top of the range equipment which allow for all forms of exercise. Whether you are looking to get fitter, fine tune your current fitness routine or for rehab from a recent injury, we have you covered.

£40 – One hour session

£15 – Exercise plan lasting one month

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